MasterMind Group


    • ​DISCOVER  what stage of growth your business is in and the key success factors to progress to the next stage
    • ​LEARN  the 3 responsibilities every 7- figure business owner must master if they want to scale their business
    • UNLEASH  the power of Vision to create clarity and alignment in your business
    • ​EXCEL to break the 7-figure or even 8-figure barrier

    ​Getting to the next level ...

    What does the MasterMind group involve?

    •  MONTHLY WEBINARS- presented by industry experts on topics such as: organizational strategy, business implementation, and profit and loss considerations
    • ​ACCOUNTABILITY CALLS - providing 1-on-1 coaching on strategies and goals to improve your business
    • ​QUARTERLY ON-SITE EVENTS - including shop visits of 7+ figure businesses, in person coaching, 1-on-1 implementation meetings with industry experts, and more!
    • ​PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP - creating an online community of your peers to discuss topics and get feedback from facilitators quickly
    • TEAM BUILDING EVENTS ... and so much more!  

      2022 -2023 Agenda

      In Person Quarterly Shop Visits

      Shop and crew roll outs in the am

      Office tours with question and answer sessions

      Meet The SimpleGrowth Mastermind Team 


      Mike first developed automations for his own service business to save himself from 100-hour work weeks. By leveraging the power of automation, Mike scaled and then sold his 7-figure lawn care and snow removal company. Mike founded SimpleGrowth to help other business owners avoid pitfalls, use his proven automations to grow, and better achieve life balance.


      While growing his Canadian lawn care and snow removal business, Dillan met Mike Callahan, and became one of SimpleGrowth’s first automations clients! Using software and innovative business practices, he grew his company from $450K in annual sales, to $1.7M. After selling his successful business, Dillan now heads SimpleGrowth Sales and also helps with consulting and automations.


      Aaron owns a 7-figure residential fertilization business he founded in 1996. He joined SimpleGrowth to help companies implement Service Autopilot. Aaron draws on his 25+ years in the green industry to advise and guide others. He is highly motivated to help other business owners reach their goals of being more efficient and profitable while having a balanced life. 


      Garrett is a visionary who goes after objectives like a house afire. That comes naturally since he started out as a full-time fire fighter! For 11 years, he ran his landscaping business on the side. After finally making the break and going full-time with his business, Garrett has scaled his business into a technology enhanced, 7-Figure company!


      After co-owning and selling a successful lawn business, and later managing another lawn business, Andrea joined the SimpleGrowth team as Mike’s Executive Assistant. Affectionately named the team’s “cat herder” by her co-workers, she keeps everyone in line. Andrea also handles all arrangements for the Mastermind Group, including bookings and communications, and is the go-to for any questions.

      Extended Team Members


      Brett Gilliland

      Brett has helped hundreds of struggling seven-figure business owners overcome their biggest challenges and achieve new levels of success. He also played a central role in the development of Keap’s Leadership Model and was serving as their VP of Leadership Development when the decision was made to spin his Elite consulting business into a separate company.


      Dan is one of our favorite Instructors! He has a gift for teaching and knows our material really well, having spent 6 years at Keap living what we teach. Dan also played a key role in developing leaders at Keap. Moreover, Dan is one of the world's foremost experts on unlocking the power of dreaming.


      Cory has been involved in Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms running sales and partnership programs for 15+ years. Through his experience with companies such as Keap, ActiveCampaign and Maropost, Cory brings a wealth of understanding about the technology and logic behind the top CRMs in the world to help business owners and entrepreneurs grow their businesses.


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